Cargo air operations within Russia and over international destinations

Cargo air operations are one of the most popular methods for delivery of goods. Indeed, the cargo arrives to its recipient in the shortest time possible with the cost of logistic services for the companies being more than justified.

We are the agent for cargo air operations of the Russian airlines operating from Rostov-on-Don airport, as well as of foreign airlines such as Austrian Airlines (Lufthansa), Turkish Airlines, Czech Airlines, Fly Dubai, and Scat airline from Kazakhstan; therefore we carry out air transportation of goods both within Russia and over international destinations at a minimum price, providing a full range of related services. The advantages of this type of logistics are:

• prompt delivery;

• cargo safety;

• distance-independent;

• expeditious preparation of documents thanks to a well-run logistics system

However, direct air operations are only available at the localities where an airport exists. Delivery times may vary slightly depending on weather conditions.

Air operations of goods and cargo in Rostov-on-Don – the best offer from our company

Particularly hot and happening are domestic and international air operations for long distances with cargo volumes large enough. Our transparent pricing policy permits our calculating the cost of air cargo transportation dependent on:

We examine each situation on a case-by-case basis and offer schematic models and conditions most beneficial to you. We take lead on all the issues related to the arrangement of cargo transportation by air so as that your goods arrive at the destination at proper time, safe and sound!