Air cargo operations from Bureau of Shipping Transport Company Ltd: right on time and favorable prices!

In today's world you can have business partners, purchase goods regardless of distances, because air traffic is the successful solution for logistics problems! Our company is ready to help you with this!

Bureau of Shipping Transport Company Ltd. has been carrying out complex air cargo operations since 2006 and we have rich experience in this field. We approach each situation on a case-by-case basis in order to offer you the most efficient delivery. This allows you to deliver the goods in the most acceptable time and at a favourable price.

We arrange cargo shipments as follows:

• standard;

• large-sized;

• live animals.

Transportation is carried out both by charter and regular flights with due observance of all rules and instructions with regard to each kind of cargo. Thus, we guarantee the complete safety and integrity of goods.

We are competent at:

• domestic operations;

• international operations.

Thus, no matter where you need to deliver cargo whether to another city within the country or to another country, we shall arrange the full process!

Air operations, delivery and shipments, and related  operations

Our company is involved not only into air delivery of cargoes, but in all related operations which include:

• delivery of goods from the client to the airport or to a storage facility;

• warehousing and storage of cargo at the appropriate conditions until loading onto the vehicle;

• loading and unloading of cargo;

• delivery directly to the recipient from the destination airport.

If necessary, we shall render assistance in insurance of cargo and issuance of customs clearance documents.

Giving goods into our hands you may be sure that it is safe; also you will obtain the opportunity to track the cargo location using convenient services. Please, contact us, and you will find our conditions of cooperation the best!