Truck services over international destinations and within Russia

Domestic and international truck services are still the most common mode of transportation. This is due to their availability and cost effectiveness, as well as the availability of a developed infrastructure of road traffic between cities and many countries.

We carry out the truck cargo operations and for this purpose we use:

• curtain-sided trucks  of various load-carrying capacity and volume;

• refrigerators of various load-carrying capacity, capable of maintaining a certain temperature regime;

• tanks cars;

• container yards;

• specialized vehicles.

Truck services help to solve logistics problems, both for short and long distances. The main condition for their implementation is the availability of land routes between the point of departure and the final destination.

We arrange truck services both inside Russia and over international routes, taking lead on the issuance of all related documents: from accompanying sheets and way bills to insurance and customs surveyor reports. Individual approach allows us offering you several schemes of transportation from which you can choose the most suitable in terms of time range and price. Thus, truck services are available to everyone who needs them and whose routes allow!