International cargo operations

Currently, more and more entrepreneurs are establishing business relations in the neighbouring countries of the former USSR and in the far abroad countries. The international freight operations are becoming one of the most important links in the chain of building a successful business. Our company showed itself to advantage in the market of logistics services, working with suppliers and cargo recipients in various countries. We consider the situation on a case-by-case basis and we can offer several options at the same time to carry your international cargo by established communications over the routes in Europe, Asia, America and other countries! We are striving to be competitive and we are ready to offer the most favorable terms!

International cargo operations and related services

International cargo transportations are a rather demanding form of transport services. After all, it is not only required to deliver cargo for a long distance and to ensure its complete safety and integrity, but to provide all the relevant customs documentation. We took care that you did not have to arrange this multi-process yourself. In addition to the transportations of goods from/to other countries we carry out:

Our company guarantees timely delivery and builds up a transparent payment. We shall solve your logistic problems!