Multimodal transportation of goods using several modes of transport

It is often that for delivery of cargo from the place of shipment to the recipient not one but several types of transportation are required:

• aviation;

• railway;

• sea;

• truck.

Our company carries out multimodal transportation of cargo of any complexity thus allowing the customers solving their problems effectively at an adequate price. We try to be flexible when approaching every client, carefully planning and calculating all possible options, so that you will be happy and able to successfully build your business!

Multimodal transportation of goods carried out by our transport company claim great responsibility, because the process involves not only one, but several types of transport. The process involves:

We can pick up your cargo and deliver it to the recipient’s door; also we can guarantee that it is packed in a special container to ensure safety. We arrange cargo insurance on the way and guarantee the most affordable prices! Our comprehensive multimodal transport solutions, designed individually for you, will satisfy the most demanding requests!