Air and truck cargo services within Russia and over international destinations

Transport services in modern world are one of the most important components of a successful business. Only high standard cargo transportations planned on a shrewd basis will help not only to find partners and clients worldwide but also to minimize the related costs. Our company has been working in this field for not a single year and we offer a wide range of services main of which are as follows:

Logistics services (loading and unloading operations, warehousing and storage, cargo escorting services, assistance in issuing of insurance and customs documentation).

Air cargo operations allows transporting both medium-sized and large-sized cargoes for any distances, both inside the country and abroad. This is the safest and most efficient way of carriage we can offer to arrange via the Rostov-on-Don airport with the participation of the leading Russian and foreign airlines.

Truck services are carried out over all directions, both to big cities and populated localities and to regional points. For a particular lot the optimal transport will be selected and the most convenient, safe and efficient route in terms of costs will be developed.

International operations are carried out by a variety of transport modes: from air to railway, road and water transport means. This process is accompanied by a host of factors: from insurance of the goods value to customs clearance, and we are happy to help with this!

Container cargo operations ensure cargo full safety with consolidated cargo included, as well as the maximum convenience during loading and unloading operations and delivery directly to the recipient.

Multimodal cargo operations are the most difficult in terms of arrangement as various modes of transport are used for each specific section of the route. Nevertheless, we offer the most convenient models which will help to deliver cargo to its addressee in time!

We take care of our reputation and therefore it is always the highest standards we apply to the transport services from Bureau of Shipping Transport Company Ltd.! And you have the opportunity to see this!