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Our competent staff will help you with choice of the most suitable and cost-efficient route and carrier for shipment of your cargo by air, by land or by sea; our employees will help to calculate cargo rates and all fees directly related to your shipment, they will explain the basic requirements for cargo and packaging, and help you prepare all necessary documents.

Safety of your shipment

Our partners are major and reliable carriers. We are responsible for the safety of your shipment in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. In the best interests of the shipment owner, we can also arrange for the cargo insurance in transit.

Shipment management

Our many years of experience, direct contracts and a wide network of partners throughout the Russian Federation and around the world provide opportunities for solving any logistic problems which may arise.

Shipment tracking and awareness

We track shipments delivered by air and sea online and communicate the delivery status to the shipper. Goods delivered by road are controlled through communication with the forwarding driver.

Air freight operations

Air freight operations in Russia and over the world.

Shipment delivery at the earliest possible date, a high guarantee of the goods safety. Air freight operations over all distances and to hard-to-reach places.


Shipments are delivered to almost anywhere in the world thanks to the widest geography of the destination networks of the major airlines, and due to interline agreements made with local carriers.

Our solutions:

We will answer your request as soon as possible.

A personal manager will choose a route and calculate its cost for you.

Over-the-road transportation

Road transportation throughout Russia, the CIS countries and the EU.

Transportation by any type of transport. Own and partner vehicle fleet.


Relatively low cost.

Optimal for large consignments over short distances (within a region, the Russian Federation, to the EU and CIS countries).

Cost-efficient if carried by consolidated vehicles.

Our solutions:

A reliable partner fleet of vehicles, which includes modern vehicles with a carrying capacity of up to 20 tons for carriage of goods to anywhere in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries.

We will answer your request as soon as possible.

A personal manager will choose a route and calculate its cost for you.

Maritime shipment

International maritime containerized shipments

Maritime containerized shipment to anywhere in the world through the Russian ports of St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk


The most cost-friendly mode of transport.

It provides the ability to transport large shipments, as well as bulky or heavy cargo over long distances between the countries and continents.

Our solutions:

Our company has a direct established liason with the leading overseas container lines.

We will answer your request as soon as possible.

A personal manager will choose a route and calculate its cost for you.

Customs clearance services

Customs clearance of goods with any customs office.

Shipping paperwork: import, export, customs transit services. Insurance of goods.


When moving goods across the border of the Russian Federation, the participants in foreign trade activities are required to declare goods to the Customs authorities.

Our solutions:

We offer assistance in cargo clearance, as well as in obtaining the necessary certificates and permits.

Registration of Import and Export.

Cargo insurance.

Warehouse and packaging

Warehouse services at our own warehouse.

Packing and marking of cargo is in accordance with the requirements of transportation.

Our solutions:

You can store your cargo for a short or for a long term.

General cargo packing.

Organization of packing of dangerous goods.